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October 4th, 2011

It's back! Are you itching to write some smutty drabbles? Do you long to spice your day up with a dash of hot, hot sex? Then the hp_humpdrabbles Humpathon 2011 is for you! Anything goes...het, slash, cross-gen, next-gen, Trio era... as long as it follows the community rules!

hp_humpdrabbles presents Humpathon 2011
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April 24th, 2011

Title: La Jalousie (1/1)
Author: Leigh, aka leigh_adams
Characters: Cedric Diggory/Fleur Delacour
Rating: G
Words: 595
Summary: Fleur doesn't take very well to being second place.
Author's notes: This was written as a birthday present for mod extraordinaire, luvscharlie. Yes, technically her birthday was Friday, but I'm hoping she'll forgive me for my slight tardiness. This is a prequel, of sorts, to Yule Ball Innocence, though both pieces definitely stand alone. Hover your cursor over the French phrases to see the English translation. Happy birthday, hun, and I hope you enjoy!

La Jalousie (1/1) at venividiscribi

January 17th, 2011

Title: La Prophétie (1/1)
Author: Leigh, aka leigh_adams
Characters: Cedric Diggory/Fleur Delacour
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,743
Summary: The summer she turned seventeen, Fleur Delacour heard her first prophecy. Little did she know how it would change her life forever.
Author’s Notes: So, this turned out a lot longer than I expected. I just started writing, and the story kept going and going and going. Probably not a positive, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. This is my attempt at taking the events from Goblet of Fire and looking at them through Fleur’s eyes…with my own twist, of course. Also, if you hover your cursor over the French phrases, the English translation will show up.

La Prophétie (1/1) at venividiscribi 
Title: Le Bain des Préfets (1/1)
Author: Leigh, aka leigh_adams
Pairing: Cedric Diggory/Fleur Delacour
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,314
Warnings/Content: Sex. Obviously. Sex in the prefects' bath, to be specific.
Disclaimer: All characters belong to JKR. If they were mine, I wouldn't be quite so poor.
Summary After hours at Hogwarts, something wicked this way comes... in the form of a French half-veela Beauxbatons champion.
Author's/Artist's notes: This was originally written for the inaugural round of samhain_smut. For those of you who don't speak French, the title of this piece translates to "The Prefects' Bath." I would like to thank my magnanimous, benevolent beta, fiery_flamingo, for being a wonderful sounding board and therapist. Thanks for not telling me I suck. :* Also, fun fact: If you hover your cursor over the French phrases, the English translation will appear. I had a fun time playing around with this prompt (Cedric/Fleur, bathroom sex, first-time), and I hope you all enjoy reading it!

Le Bain des Préfets (1/1) at venividiscribi

September 9th, 2009

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September 3rd, 2009

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Clémence Poésy, Alona Tal, Emilie de Ravin, Lost, Supernatural and Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2009

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August 18th, 2009

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Alona Tal , Clémence Poésy, Supernatural and Lost [48]


November 25th, 2008



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August 25th, 2008

I hope this is allowed. For my end-of-the-year project I'm doing a Fandom and their fans project. That means that I need people to ask a few questions (nothing too serious, it's just for a course I'm taking :)) about their fandoms/favourite celebrities. And the thing is that I want as many people to answer this as possible, to give a clearer view of what this whole "fandom culture" is about (because we're a culture, y'all, we need to express it ;)) and not just the views and opinions expressed by my friends list.

Therefore I'm reaching out on LiveJournal on various places, and the rest of the internet. Even if you don't feel like participating I'd really appreciate it if you could spread the word so I could make my project into the BEST documentary ever.

More detailed information here.

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you don't mind.

You won't get the questions right away, but it'll take a while, so if you feel like 'I don't have the time right now but I'd love to' just drop your email or something because I don't have to have this done until May 2009, so there's lots of time. It's not going to be that many questions either.

Anyway, thank you so much for you time. :D

May 18th, 2008


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